Rose Haven: Community Participation

 by Mark Bitterman

母の日おめでとうございます。母の日用のミステリーボックスをご購入いただくことで、貧困や虐待によって家を失った母親、女性、子ども、ジェンダーフルイドの方々に良い影響を与えることができました。皆様のご協力により、812.50ドルが集まり、Rose Havenに寄付されました。



Rose Havenについて
Rose Havenは、ポートランドにある路上のサンクチュアリです。家を失ったり、虐待を受けたり、その他危機的な人生経験に直面している女性や子どもたちに、思いやりや実用的な支援、コミュニティを昼間に提供しています。



  • 3,534人の女性と子どもが、物資や支援を求めてローズヘブンを22,677回訪れた
  • 22,712食の栄養価の高い食事を提供
  • 5,993件の1対1のアドボカシーアポイントメントが行われ、住宅、医療サポート、雇用、救命のための紹介につながった
  • 5,589個の衛生キットを配布
  • 7,166件の衣料品や消耗品の個別購入予約
  • 2,110人のシャワー利用者がいた

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 Rose Haven: Community Participation

  • by Mark Bitterman
  • May 10, 2020
  • 2 min read

Happy Mother’s Day! By purchasing Mother's Day Mystery Boxes, you have helped us make a positive impact on mothers, women, children and gender fluid folks facing the loss of their homes through poverty and/or abuse. Together, we’ve raised $812.50 and donated it to Rose Haven.

Social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates have made us more aware than ever of our interconnectedness. Combined with the cataclysmic rise in joblessness, many are facing unprecedented hardship. Women, children and gender fluid folks face distinct forms of hardships that society as whole has difficulty grappling with. Rose Haven fills the resulting gap. Taking a moment today to reflect on the small ways our interconnectedness is strengthened when we give back to our community.

Thank you!

About Rose Haven
Rose Haven is a sanctuary from the street in Portland, offering compassion, practical assistance and community during the daytime hours to women and children facing loss of home, abuse and other disruptive life experiences.

Their mission is to maintain a safe and respectful community, while providing our guests with support and services to assist them in regaining stability in their lives.
We break the cycle of homelessness by providing nutritious meals, clothing, first aid, mailing addresses, hygiene, restrooms, showers as well as educational programs and guidance through medical and social services. By meeting basic needs and building trust, Rose Haven empowers people to explore long-term change. Rose Haven’s low-barrier model makes them the first point of contact for many who are seeking social services, and they offer sanctuary where individuals and families in crisis can come to seek supplies and support to regain independence after the trauma of poverty and violence.

Snapshot of Rose Haven’s services from 2019:

  • 3,534 women and children visited Rose Haven 22,677 times for supplies and support
  • 22,712 nutritious meals were served
  • 5,993 one-on-one advocacy appointments held which resulted in housing, medical support, employment and life-saving referrals
  • 5,589 hygiene kits distributed
  • 7,166 individual shopping appointments for clothing and supplies
  • 2,110 shower appointments

Rose Haven